If you are a frequent traveler to and from Singapore then you might have heard about this restaurant with long queues located in the busy street of Guillemard Road — Char Dining.

This restaurant was started by two brothers from the United Kingdom, Anthony and Alvin Ung, who dreamt of changing the Cantonese roast meat experience in Singapore. For 30 years, they were exposed to the fascinating techniques of various Western & Asian restaurants within Birmingham which gave the brothers the inspiration to refine the Char Siew, one of Singapore’s favourite dishes. It was brought here in the Philippines for us, Filipinos, to experience the taste of Cantonese cuisine from Singapore.

Using a combination of modern cooking science paired with traditional roasting style, the Char Siew is glazed evenly with a special sauce that blends saltiness and sweetness as it slowly melts in your mouth. Another signature dish that is worth a try is the Crispy Roast Pork Belly. Marinated in a blend of carefully selected herbs and spices, the meat is then roasted on high heat for that ultra-crisp skin.

Char Philippines was brought to life with a sole idea of adding delicious twist to the traditional roasts dishes. No need to fly in to Singapore to line up and experience this savory set of roast dishes.


"Cantonese roast meats prepared in a traditional way (with just a hint of Western style) lure plenty of customers to this relaxed and friendly restaurant. There's roast duck and crispy pork belly but it's the meltingly tender BBQ pork that really stands out; other Cantonese dishes on offer include seafood and stif-fried noodles" - MICHELIN Guide Inspectors Singapore (2016 | 2017)

“The first bite hushed us — the meat (Char Siew) was so soft and packed with flavor I could almost feel it melting on my tongue. The roast pork belly had a lovely tenderness, too, a striking juxtaposition with the crackling crispness of the skin.”
- Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, The New York Times